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Are you a self-published author aiming for flawless and professional presentation of your novel? Look no further! Harnessing decade-long expertise in the publishing industry and a cutting-edge AI, Proofcheck provide unparalleled proofreading services specifically tailored for self-published authors.

How our service works

You make an order and we deliver (digitally).

Using Proofcheck's proprietary AI platform, the Proofcheck team will quickly check your book for formatting and typographical mistakes such as widows, orphans, runts, stacks, ladders, bad breaks, and dead links. We specialize in American and British English and work with Merriam Webster Collegiate 11 and OED, respectively.

Once you submit an order, we'll get back to you the next business day to confirm your order and ask for the text you're working on. Once we get your book PDF, we'll get back to you with results within 24 hours. Results come in the form of annotated PDF that is viewable using any modern PDF viewer (including Adobe Reader and Acrobat).

Proofcheck's services are relevant to designed content in PDF format. Proofcheck can best serve you at the stage where you or a service have designed your book using software like Adobe InDesign or Vellum and now you need to check the PDF one last time before sending your content out into the world!