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Our platform pioneers comprehensive AI proofing for designed
content like books, magazines, reports, and presentations.
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proofing power

We've built a game-changing web app. Our clear, simple interface powered by an advanced AI engine quickly surfaces textual and visual mistakes.
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PDF & ePub support

Our tool specializes in previously unsupported file formats, like PDFs and ePubs, making it the best automated solution for checking books and other high-design content.
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Saves time and gives you confidence

Your 300-page novel or 400-page corporate report is checked in seconds with our next-gen AI application.
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It's multilingual

Proofcheck is a multilingual Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing web app for content producers. We support dozens of popular languages.

Typo Detection

Find typos in multiple languages, including words that are specific to the text

Spread Balance

Detect any inconsistent margin padding across folios

Widows and Orphans

Automatically surface instances of widows and orphans on page and make annotations

Stacks and Ladders

Automatically surface instances of stacks and ladders on page and make annotations

Word Division

Automatically surface instances of words broken across lines and check with common style rules

Validate Links

Automatically surface and check all URLs and hyperlinks present

Vet Images

View all pages with images and their associated size, scale, and resolution