Frequently Asked Questions

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What file formats does Proofcheck support?

Proofcheck currently supports the automated checking of PDF book proofs and will soon launch an EPUB tool. We also have MS Word .docx support in the works!

What kinds of checks does Proofcheck support? 

Proofcheck currently offers automated checks for aesthetic issues (widows, orphans, runts, stacks, ladders, tight tracking and kerning) as well as typographical issues (spelling mistakes, duplicate words and punctuation, bad word breaks).

How do you use uploaded content?

Proofcheck trains and improves its AI system based on user feedback. So, for example, if you write to us with a suggestion, we'll take it seriously and try to incorporate it into our app!

What if my book uses many non-dictionary or imagined terms? 

Do not worry! Proofcheck has been designed with authors such as you in mind. Our typo detection system will recognize non-dictionary terms that appear throughout a text and will avoid flagging them as mistakes. You can also upload a style sheet with such terms so that our system adds to the project's dictionary corpus.